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Pandemic Planning

The goals of any organization responding to or planning for a pandemic event are to protect employee health and safety, maintain operations, and minimize risk exposure. Comprehensive Health Services has established time-tested pandemic planning protocols for a variety of crises, including anthrax contamination, H1N1 (otherwise known as swine flu), and mass flu exposure.

We partner with you to address the pandemic process in the following ways:

  • Protocols – We have partnered with a leading manufacturer of flu vaccines to establish protocols for administering it on a mass scale in the event of a pandemic flu situation.

  • Checklists – We work with your health center and in-house medical personnel to customize flu pandemic checklists in advance, so managers may respond rapidly to ensure prompt employee compliance.

  • Communication – We work with you to establish reliable communication channels to disseminate clear and accurate instructions to employees. Our planning will ensure your organization is prepared with digital communication capabilities and dedicated telephone hotlines.

  • Personnel Policies – We work with employers to establish strict personnel policies to minimize employee contact during a flu outbreak, while still maintaining business operations.

  • Logistics – We manage the logistics of introducing, explaining, and administering anti-flu/anti-viral medications to your employees and their families. We have established an online registration tool to explain dosage and follow-up procedures. We also provide employers with detailed scripts, employee communications, and other materials to instruct employees in following pandemic protocols.