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Comprehensive Health Services has provided emergency medical response to several major world events that have touched our nation, from the September 11 attacks to the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

We have the proven ability to respond quickly, meet the challenges, and successfully deliver quality medical services. Our network of approximately 9,500 doctors, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals has a global reach that includes North America, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. 

Our rapid response capabilities are offered through a flexible, customizable onsite delivery model. We leverage our expertise to offer medical care, health screening and emergency response services on an as-needed basis in response to emergencies and unexpected surges in medical service needs. Through consistent past performance, our customers know that we can be relied upon to provide critical medical services in a wide range of environments and situations.

Key capabilities include:

  • Health unit stand-up and operations
  • Turnkey medical program management
  • Mobile immunizations
  • Mental health services
  • Triage
  • Medical exams
  • Medical care
  • Special needs services (upon request) 

Similar to our international medical operations, domestic medical rapid response delivery methods include “backpack” medical teams, deployed shelters, aid stations, and testing labs. Often, we can respond within days, or in some cases hours, to customer requests for medical support.


Haiti Earthquake

  • We partnered with a major government contractor to assist with medical support as part of the disaster relief effort following the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. We provided the following services: 

    • Administered Level I acute medical care and conducted daily sick calls
    • Responded to medical emergencies
    • Travelled regularly to outlying locations to provide medical assessments 
    • Monitored health and safety conditions concerning food and water sources
    • Coordinated evacuation for individuals with severe and life-threatening medical needs

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

  • We partnered with a major services contractor supporting FEMA to provide extensive 24/7 medical support services for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita evacuees being housed in multiple shelters in San Antonio, Texas. Within days, we assumed medical operations and ambulance services at all shelters, and provided a broad range of health services, including:

    • Supportive medical care to the general and special needs population
    • Pharmacy services
    • Transport services
    • Occupational health services
    • Industrial hygiene services
    • Mental health services
    • Casework
    • Safety services

    We received a commendation from the Texas House of Representatives for the medical support we provided for shelter operations in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

  • During Hurricane Katrina recovery, we were asked by a major government contractor tasked by the Army Corps of Engineers to assist with the medical needs of first responders. In less than 48 hours, Comprehensive Health Services deployed mobile immunization teams that completed 328 immunizations within one week at eight locations across four states . The contractor called the efforts of the mobile immunization teams: “Awesome.”

  • Comprehensive Health Services sent a medical readiness team with two doctors and two nurses to NASA’s Stennis Space Center in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, mobilizing within 48 hours of notification. This team provided medical support and immunizations to displaced employees, their families, and contractors.

Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

  • Many Kennedy Space Center employees directly interface with astronaut crews. When the Columbia disaster occurred on February 1, 2003, we activated emergency Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) resulting in immediate support from community resources and provisions for nearly 4,000 counseling sessions. We also managed the environmental monitoring of the hangar in which the pieces of the Columbia were pieced together and analyzed.

  • Comprehensive Health Services also provided individual and group critical incident stress management. Within two hours of the incident, we assembled onsite team support and began counseling. Together with renowned experts, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselors developed and coordinated team training. Our team participated in briefings and performed grief counseling to more than 2,200 personnel during a three-week period.