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National Medical Exams


A robust and well-organized pre-placement exam program helps ensure that your employees can safely do their jobs. Our rapid turnaround of exams also helps you meet your hiring needs and requirements in an efficient manner. Ultimately, this saves your organization money and improves productivity.

From a basic physical to a full exam, including an EKG, chest X-ray, and full blood panel, we have a network of more than 9,500 health care professionals across the country to fulfill your requirements in all 50 states and territories.

Our experience and expertise will help you:

  • Find the Right Candidate – We help employers by making sure they have the information they need to select the right candidate, based on the physical demands of the job. This includes determining whether a candidate may have a health condition that could put him or herself or others at risk.

  • Recruit Faster – Our rapid turnaround time on pre-placement exams can also expedite your hiring process to meet your unique occupational health business needs. We work efficiently and effectively to make sure you know whether potential employees can meet identified physical demands.

  • Maintain Quality and Consistency – We are known for quality and consistency in our medical determinations. We incorporate medical best practices, industry standards, and employer-specific requirements, while protecting patient confidentiality. Our in-house physicians and nurses review all medical determinations before they are final.

  • Keep your Employees Healthy and Safe – These initial health exams also act as a baseline once an employee is hired. Moving forward, we partner with you to spot injury or illness patterns and mitigate problems before they arise.