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National Medical Exams

Fitness-for-Duty and Return-to-Work


A fitness-for-duty (FFD) medical evaluation is typically triggered by an unexpected incident involving an employee, such as an accident, witnessed or reported unusual behavior, or concern that health or medications may pose a threat to health or safety in the workplace.

An FFD examination is an open ended medical evaluation that may include multiple components including but not limited to:

  • a review of the employee’s medical history
  • a physical exam
  • lab work or other testing
  • drug screen
  • a review of reports from the employer
  • a review of the job description (including physical demands and workplace hazards)
  • a review of personal medical records, or referral to the employee’s personal physician or a specialist for additional testing or an additional medical opinion

The goal is to ensure that the employee can safely return to work without posing a threat to his or her health, coworkers, or the public.



A return-to-work (RTW) medical evaluation is an evaluation of an employee who has been out of work due to a medical condition (often resulting in a short-term or long-term disability leave.) Employers typically make the request for an evaluation prior to the employee’s return to work. The intent of such an evaluation is to ensure that an employee can safely return to work without posing a threat to his or her health or without posing a threat to coworkers, the public, or the workplace.

The RTW evaluation is an open-ended medical evaluation by the employee’s physician and often includes the following:

  • a review of the employee’s medical records
  • a review of the employee’s medical history
  • a review of the employee’s job description
  • a physical exam, with special focus on the health issue that caused the employee to go on leave.

In addition, the evaluation may include the following:

  • diagnostic testing 
  • drug screen, depending on the job demands
  • pre-placement medical standards testing
  • a review of company policies

In some cases, a Comprehensive Health Services’s physician may request further medical evaluation or consultation in order to make an informed medical determination.

Whatever your fitness-for-duty or return to work evaluation needs may be, we can work with you to develop a customized program that will fit your needs.