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National Medical Exams

Over the course of our 43-year history, we have developed expertise in delivering every kind of medical exam — from routine pre-placement screenings to complex international travel examinations.

Being one of the nation’s largest and most experienced providers of workforce medical services means we have the ability and the expertise to meet the needs of your medical exam program, no matter the size or scope. Our network of approximately 13,000 health care providers and professionals has a global reach that includes North America,  Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

Each year, we perform  200,000+ medical exams – and we have the ability to scale up rapidly to meet our clients’ needs.

For example, for one large government client, we conducted 178,000 medical exams, fitness tests, and drug screenings in all 50 states and U.S. territories. And we completed them in eight months!

We offer end-to-end workforce examination solutions for large, geographically-dispersed workforces, multi-site examination programs and a variety of other occupational health services to government agencies, contractors and commercial entities. Through this business line, Comprehensive Health Services provides a full suite of medical exams, work readiness, workforce wellness exams, and safety surveillance solutions to government and commercial customers.

In addition to managing the examinations, we also provide turnkey program management solutions for large-scale workforce and applicant programs, including:

  • Scheduling and coordinating significant volumes of examinations
  • Making eligibility determinations
  • Conducting ongoing health and safety surveillance programs
  • Making upcoming requirement or deficiency notifications
  • Providing medical clearance certifications
  • Offering responsive customer support
  • Supplying real-time status awareness

Our guiding philosophy: People first, always.

Dan Jones, Chief Operating Officer and SVP - Domestic


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