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International Biographic - Justin Romanello

From Paramedic to Bureau Chief

I accepted my position with CHS in 2011 and deployed to Iraq as a Remote Paramedic. My first assignment was at the Diplomatic Support Hospital. I spent about six months working at the hospital filling various roles as a paramedic. During my time there I also learned laboratory procedures, surgical technician duties and many other much needed functions and responsibilities. After six months, I was selected for the Deputy Director of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) position. At that point, I was responsible for leading, mentoring and managing all EMS staff throughout the country.

The opportunities and experiences that I had working with CHS were unforgettable, life changing and prepared me for the position that I now have as the Chief of the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services for the State of New Hampshire. A career spanning over twenty years in emergency services and having the opportunity to work for several civilian organizations as well as the Department of State’s Operational Medicine Unit, in the private sector with Global Rescue and my time with CHS nurtured me into being an effective leader and presentable to the State of New Hampshire’s Department of Safety.

Justin Romanello,