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Comprehensive Health Services Recognize Brave Men and Women Firefighters

Comprehensive Health Services salutes the many firefighters who have fought the raging fires in California and other states. We have proudly supported the Department of the Interior (DOI) and National Park Services for over 14 years. We provide comprehensive medical fitness for duty examinations for federal Wildland Firefighters, Structural Firefighters, and Tower Climbers.

As our nation witnesses the devastation of the most recent California fires and the corresponding heroic actions of California’s Fire Department of Forestry and Fire Protection and the DOI Wildland Firefighters, Comprehensive Health Services recognizes that these brave men and women regularly risk their lives under extreme conditions.

Medical Review Physicians from Comprehensive Health Services experienced, first-hand, the arduous and challenging duties faced by firefighters daily, when they recently trained with the DOI fire crews.  (Left to right: Dr. Charles Smallwood, Dr. (Joe) Mignogna, Dr. David Angelette)