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CHSi Transportation Contracts Grows with Addition of Norfolk Southern


Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. (CHSi) and Norfolk Southern Corporation, a transportation industry leader, entered into an agreement with CHSi to perform the company’s employee physical exams based on our expertise and reputation in medical exam management, particularly within the transportation industry. Norfolk Southern was self-performing the exams and looked to CHSi for cost savings and performance efficiencies.

Norfolk Southern has a prominent place in the U.S. history of transportation. The railroad’s earliest predecessor, the South Carolina Canal & Rail Road, put its first train into operation in Charleston on Christmas Day in 1830. The following 186 years would see Norfolk Southern grow through hundreds of combinations, reorganizations, and consolidations that paralleled America’s economic and social growth.

Today, Norfolk Southern and its subsidiaries operate approximately 20,000 route miles in 22 states and the District of Columbia. The network reaches more than 50 percent of the U.S. population, manufacturing, and energy consumption. It serves every major container port in the eastern U.S.; is a major transporter of coal, automotive, and industrial products; and operates the most extensive intermodal network in the East. (Source: