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Who We Are

Founded in 1975, Comprehensive Health Services is one of the nation’s largest and most experienced providers of workforce medical services. We partner with commercial companies and the U.S. government to implement and manage cost-effective, customized medical programs for large and dispersed workforces.

We manage a variety of medical exam programs and services for clients across all 50 states and U.S. territories. We also operate internationally in more than a dozen countries, including managing and staffing medical clinics for the U.S. government in remote and austere environments.


Why Partner With Us?

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Why Partner with Us?


As a member of the Comprehensive Health Services provider network, you are partnering with one of the most trusted and respected names in the business. We have a network of more than 9,500 health care providers and professionals across the country.

Opportunity and Flexibility

Due to our national and international reach, you have the opportunity to earn extra income and build or expand your medical practice. You also have the flexibility to determine the volume of work and types of services that best accommodate your individual practice.


Best of all, we handle the administrative burden, so you can do what you were trained to do — practice great medicine!

Comprehensive Health Services' sharp organizational skills, the friendliness of their staff and their prompt turnaround time for all matters means it has consistently been a pleasure to work alongside them. 

Ashley M. Aderman, Occupational Medical Center, Inc. (Miami, FL)

What’s Involved in Joining our Network?

We verify credentials for each physician and health care provider. We also survey each facility to verify staff certification, testing and exam capabilities, and other credentials and competencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of exams and how many exams or services will I perform?

We only schedule exams for which your facility and staff are credentialed and equipped to perform. The number of exams you perform depends on where you are located and how many request we receive from our clients, but the greater your practice’s capabilities and interests, the more exams you can expect.

How much will I be paid?

We will negotiate a mutually acceptable pricing schedule with you. Invoices are promptly paid by Comprehensive Health Services once all services are properly performed, submitted, and reviewed.

Do I need special equipment?

We have found that primary care and occupational medicine practices have most, if not all, of the basic equipment to perform the majority of our exams. For example, depending on the exam, you may need a spirometer, audiometer, ECG machine, and blood or urine specimen collection capability. Special equipment needs will be identified when you join our network and updated periodically.

What are my specific responsibilities?

You are responsible for completing exams and tests as requested, then submitting that information to us. We handle everything else, such as dealing directly with the employers.

How will joining your network affect my regular practice and patient care schedule?

We will work with your business hours and appointment availability. Our exams should blend smoothly with your existing schedules and provider availability.

Is there any training offered or required?

The majority of our exams are straightforward and should be medically familiar to you. Our network provider specialists are also available to assist you, sending printed instructions or guidelines, conducting teleconferences or video conferences and, if necessary, scheduling a visit to your facility.

How much paperwork will I be required to do?

We strive to keep paperwork to a minimum. The less paperwork you generate, the less we need to do.

What are the application and credentialing requirements?

Once you submit your application, a recruiter will walk you through the credentialing steps. You will be asked about provider and staff licenses and certifications, practice capabilities, professional liability coverage and history, and participation in medical professional databases, such as the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare and National Practitioner Databank.

How do I join your network?

Just email and request an “Individual Network Provider Application.” Complete the form and submit it back to the same address: A member of our network recruitment team will contact you directly. If you are joining as a large organization with many facilities and providers, request the “Business Provider Application” and complete the same process.


For more information or questions, please contact us by phone at 800-638-8083 or by email at

“Comprehensive Health Services has really emerged as the Gold Standard.”

James Preston, Business Services Coordinator, Regional Health Physicians (Rapid City, SD)