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Mission & Values

Gracious, Responsive, Integrity, Transparency, Teamwork


Comprehensive Health Services’ mission is to be the premier medical services provider.  We are a values-based organization that achieves mission success by building long-term partnerships with our customers by utilizing highly-customized technical solutions and leveraging a caring and committed staff that puts customer satisfaction above all else.  We treat our customers with graciousness, are responsive to their needs, and value integrity, transparency and teamwork in all we do.  


To be a unique medical management and service provider for governments and large corporations in the world, and the most trusted business partner in our industry.

GRITT Core Values 


We don’t take credit. It belongs to our customer.

Gary G. Palmer, President and CEO


To be on time with the right information requested.

James Van Dusen, Chief Financial Officer


Employees truly care about their work, the organization and doing what’s right – each and every day.

Gail Hart, Marketing Communications Manager


We have great relationships with our clients because we're transparent; we don't hide anything.

Douglas Magee, SVP Business Development


We all pull together as a unified front for the greater good – our client’s success – and that’s what makes my job so rewarding.

Karen Steffens, RN

Code of Ethics

CHSi is committed to conducting business with the highest degree of integrity and in compliance with applicable laws worldwide. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct provides employees and representatives who act on the behalf of CHSi with the policies that govern all of our business endeavors as well as the tools necessary to make sound business decisions.

It can be found here.